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Every now and then a product rolls off the production line that makes you go WOW!

Now, this wow moment may not happen straight away, but after testing and even after gaining feedback from our most important critics (our customers), you realise that you have produced something a bit special.

We are of course, extremely proud of all our products and we work exceptionally hard to make sure they are packed full of reasons to be proud of them, but the Navitas Lite Insulated Welly Boots are one of those products that you make you say WOW!

Yeah, they are just a pair of welly boots, there are heaps of other boots on the market that do the same thing blah blah blah.

Except that isn’t true, they are better, way better and the best bit is…… actually I’ll save that for the end.

Our NVTS LITE welly boots are the perfect boot for all year-round use. Perfect in the summer or winter with the addition of the removable thermal liner. A mix of super-light EVA and thermal lining creating the perfect blend of comfort and warmth. The light and sturdy EVA rubber wellies weighing just 350g each are designed for all-day comfort to combat fatigue. They protect against the coldest conditions down to -30C (unlike standard or even premium wellies) providing full isolation from warm or cold surfaces. The comfortable lightweight boots float in the water and make for perfect margin wading. They have a useful rear kick-off plate for easy boot removal without the need to bend down.

  • Super-lightweight! Average weight is less than 350g each. Compare this to the usual 1,250g welly boot.
  • Anti-fatigue: long-lasting comfort for work or leisure. 
  • Fully waterproof: Made from insulating EVA closed-cell material; non-water-absorbing and moisture-proof.
  • Rot-resistant against seawater, oil, acid and alkali
  • Durable, antibacterial and odourless.
  • No welts or unnecessary joining to leak.
  • Good flexibility and anti-hardening
  • Excellent shockproof and cushioning capability
  • Heat preservation: Microscopic closed-cell EVA provides excellent heat insulation, anti-cold, non-frosting and insulation capabilities down to -30C

The problem with writing product descriptions is that they need to short, sharp and to the point. So, let’s expand on a few of the important bits;

SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT – Understatement of the year they are on average 70% lighter than a normal welly boot! That’s ridiculously light! It makes walking round the lakes and up and down the rivers an absolute doddle, no more tired feet or legs. Massive bonus for those that have to walk through mud and puddles or even long grass.

ROT RESISTANT – ever had a pair of boots or waders start leaking? I guarantee it’s not a cut or a tear, in fact it is likely to be because the seam or the sealant had rotted away. So, what did we do about it? Well we can’t give away the technology or material, but the Navitas Lite Insulated boots are resistant against sea water, oil, acid and alkali. In a nutshell, they are not going to leak anytime soon!

HEAT PRESERVATION – How do you keep your feet warm in the winter? Well firstly your feet have to be warm before you put them in the boots. Same applies for sleeping bags, they use the body’s warmth to keep you warm! They do not generate heat. You put cold feet in cold boots, you are going to be miserable all day.

So, what Navitas have done is to use materials and insulation that virtually cuts out heat loss in cold weather. Result = warmer feet in the winter.

By some miracle though, your feet still breathe in the summer, so they don’t get too hot! Bloody brilliant!

I am really not trying to give you the hard sell here, but these boots are a bit special.

Oh yes, I promised you the best bit didn’t I, well these unbelievable boots can be yours for under £35.

Thanks for reading and good luck if you are heading out on the bank, the weather looks a bit changeable in the coming weeks, don’t get caught out with wet feet ;-)

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