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Fishing Attire!

I love that word attire which literally means;

‘clothes, especially of a particular or formal type.’

Now, I know what you are thinking, but bear with me because there is a lot that we can take away from this blog piece (hopefully).

I often hear other anglers and non-anglers retorting about clothing that is specifically deigned for fishing ‘the fish don’t care what you are wearing!’ etc etc.

And to a degree they are right, the fish couldn’t care less what clothing brand you are wearing but certainly colour and style do play a part.

I wear drab green and brown clothing when fishing so that the fish don’t spot me a mile off, my bright pink t shirt remains firmly in the chest of drawers at home. I also use the hood on my hoodies to further camouflage myself when I am creeping about in the bushes.

‘Yeah but Primark do a dark green hoody for a fiver’.

Well, ok yes, they do. There is also a reason why it only costs £5, cake it in fish slime, mud and bait liquids and then try to wash it more than a handful of times and you’ll see what I mean, also the sizing of cheap garments is at best, questionable.

But there is a MUCH more important reason why I wear Navitas clothing.

I work full time for the emergency services. The fire and rescue service to be precise and because of the pandemic, we have been asked to assist our local ambulance service to ease the pressure off them as they are overrun with calls. We have been driving their ambulances (training provided obviously) and even carrying out more unpleasant tasks like transporting the deceased. The last 18 months have been beyond stressful let me tell you and my mental health has taken an absolute battering.

Luckily though, fishing has been allowed pretty much the whole way through this period and believe me when I say that fishing has been my escape from the horrors of work.

So, fishing attire, although not formal, is very particular for me. I know that when I pull on that Navitas hoody and joggers, that I am free from the stress and unpleasant sights of work. I know that when I am in my fishing attire, I am a free man.

The next time you pull on your fishing clothing, whatever the brand, think about why you do it. Think about what fishing means to you and how you’d feel if you couldn’t go fishing at all.

That feeling right there, is why YOU choose to wear fishing branded clothing!

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