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Well, firstly welcome to the NEW Navitas Blog!

We wanted to be able to offer you, our valued customers one space where you can find out all the latest news from the Navitas brand, things like the all-important new product releases, the latest from Team Navitas and of course the occasional giveaway and competition.

Without further ado we are going to head straight in to our first blog post and take a look at our superb range of Navitas Kids Clothing!

Of course, we would say that our Kids Clothing Range is superb, we developed the concept, designed the range and brought it safely to the door of our customers and retailers. In fact, we are pretty certain we were the first angling clothing brand to do a dedicated kid’s range.

A famous actor once said – ‘Never work with animals or children’. Obviously referring to the difficulties in getting either of the aforementioned to sit still long enough to shoot a scene!

As well as being fidget bottoms, our youngsters are also famous for being brutally honest, so we know that when the kids like what we do, we are onto a good thing and based on the feedback from our young anglers, we are getting it right!


So why do a kid’s range? Surely any pair of tracksuit bottoms and an old hoody will do right?


We think that our young anglers deserve to feel (and look) like a part of the carp fishing world. They shouldn’t have to look up to Mum or Dad or their big bro/big sis who are rocking the latest Navitas clothing and wish they had the same, they want to feel included, they want to feel like they are part of the coolest club in the world! The carp fishing club…..

How many of you have kids or know kids that play football? Yeah exactly, you wouldn’t send a kid to play footy for their local team in joggers and a hoody?

They have a team kit, an identity and a belonging, something to be proud of and the Navitas Kids Range is the team kit that any young angler will love!

So that’s the ‘why’ taken care of, now let’s look at the ‘what’.


Our Navitas Kids Core Range is designed for kids. It is made for Kids.

We asked ourselves what would parents want from a kid’s range? Durability for sure, no knees ripping open within a week or holes in the hoody from the first wear. It has to wash easily let’s face it, outdoors + mud + water x kids = lots of clothes to wash. Other factors like the sizing being consistent, the design needs to be right, the packaging, the labelling, the list was almost endless, but the end result was bloody brilliant and something we are very proud of.


Joggers, Tee Shirt, Zip Up Hoody and even a super cool baseball cap too.

Oh, and watch this space for a new range coming soon featuring our super amazing camo pattern! Yep you guessed it, specifically designed for kids.

After all, why should the grownups have all the fun?!

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Stay tuned for more and good luck if you are heading out on the bank!

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