Fleece All-in-One Romper Suit

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This is the item of clothing that you never knew you needed! More and more anglers are going to be turning to our Fleece Rompa for the ultimate cold weather cuddle!

We all know that it doesn’t need to be winter for it to be cold, those summer mornings and evenings can be fresh! The Rompa eliminates any gaps associated with the more traditional joggers and hoody combo, it is a one piece garment, fleece lined and ridiculously comfortable.

With all the pockets and heavy-duty zips, the Fleece Rompa is as warm as a cup of tea on a frosty morning, in fact why not have both?!


  • 100% Polyester
  • Anti pile fleece
  • 3 Zip pockets for security
  • 2 pouch pockets
  • Full-length 2-way contrast zipper
  • Discreet Branding