Deluxe Mystery Box1

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The Navitas Deluxe Mystery Box is by far our most popular bundle deal! Containing a mixture of Hoodies, Joggers, Shorts, T-Shirt's and Caps, it will certainly make for the perfect gift or even if you are wanting to take your chances for yourself whilst making a saving on the original RRP!

The Deluxe Mystery Box is the perfect way to sample some of the amazing range of products we have, at a very affordable price.

Simply choose your desired size and your items will be randomly selected, then packaged and dispatched straight to you. Are you feeling lucky?


Deluxe £50 Mystery Box (RRP between £60-£65)
1x Hoody
1x T-Shirt's
1x Cap

Summer Vibes £100 Mystery Box (RRP between £120-£130)
1x Hoody
1x Jogger
1x T-Shirt
1x Shorts
1x Caps
1x Mug


Mystery boxes can be be sent back to us for an exchange on size if needed. However, here is no guarantee that the same products will be received when exchanging your box as these are picked at random and based on stock available at the time your order is placed. Please note that they do not arrive in a black box & discount codes cannot be used as these are already heavily discounted.