#tbt just a few weeks back we hit the road to shoot for our SS15 lookbook, Rain stopped outdoor play one day but Navitas Actvist Sean Pointing got busy at the new Cardiff indoor park. Carl Wilson on the buttons...


June 12, 2014


Its always great to see Navitas turn up on the cover of any mag, this time around Johannes Braith repping our pacaway jacket on the cover of the new Carp in Focus mag over in Germany! Epic shot mate nice work....

Its all about the details.. Our Cypress jacket is part of our pocket pacaway series, lightweight, waterproof and breathable and easily stows into its own pocket. Dropping in stores for AW14... #itscoming

Navitas Activist and Carpcrossing.com main man Ed Skillz checked in with this shot repping our Soft shell jacket with this beast of a cat from a recent session, great shot mate...

A bright, misty morning in October at the Roach Pit in Hampshire. The day started with mist so thick you couldn't see a thing, then the sun came to reveal a glorious Sunday morning.One of those mornings when you sit by the rods waiting for something to happen.....

By Andy Muir

I was packing up from a night session, the swim and the surrounding land was flooded. Just behind me was a large field which backed on to a river, this was also heavily flooded. It was late in the day so the fireball in the sky was making it's decent from high up. The colours were amazing and with the added water of the field the reflections created were dazzling and beautiful. I framed an old oak to the left to break the shot up a bit. I didn't catch anything this trip but I was very grateful to have caught this.

By David Meek

The image was shot in the Yukon in Northern Canada on a lake called Wolfe Lake. It is so far off the beaten track that there are no roads in or out of the lake so we had to fly in on a boat plane. Grizzlies were a real threat and we carried guns wherever we went – a truly wild place.

We were very close to the Arctic Circle and the sun never properly sets. This was shot at midnight just as one of the boat was coming in from a fishing session where we caught Lake Trout to over 30lbs on big silver spoons. I had the biggest at 31lb. We also caught pike to double figures and huge grayling on the Wolfe River up to 5 lb on the fly. Awesome!

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